Plant sharing event 2019 with PlantCatching

La Maisonnette des Parents and Nicolas Cadilhac (me, for PlantCatching) are pleased and proud to invite you to a big plant sharing event in late May. It's easy to take part: you simply offer one or several plants that you first pre-register on PlantCatching (so that everyone can see a complete list - the green button at the top), and maybe you will go home with some of the other plants offered by your fellow gardeners. Of course, I will be there for the organization in general, to talk with you about PlantCatching, and also to bring my own plants. Albert Mondor, on his side, will be here to answer any question you may have about the plants and to lead a random draw to win numerous prizes.

You can read again the article that describes the 2014 edition of this event.


Several professionals will offer door prizes at the end of the event (during a draw) and I thank them heartily (please consult facebook to know the rewards). Here they are, added one at a time when they are known:

Jungle MTL
Planète Jardin
Lili Michaud agronome
Paysage Gourmand
La Shop Agricole
Jardins Michel Corbeil
Albert Mondor
Les jardins de Balmoral

Instructions before the event


  • You need a PlantCatching account. If you don't have one yet, now is the time to fix this.
  • Your first and last names (no pseudonym) must be filed under your account. This is kept private and will be used for your entrance ticket and included in a draw of prizes at the end.
  • You must also provide your home address in Canada under your account. It remains private too.
  • Pre-register all the plants you will be bringing to the event.

Registering your plants

Plants, i.e. plants in pots, seeds and bulbs, as well as gardening materials are accepted.

To register a plant, you need to fill out the usual form. The title is restricted to the plant name only (e.g. "Heuchera caramel" and not "Division of my heuchera caramel"). At the top of the form, check the box corresponding to this event. Please, add some informative and personal comments about the offered plants, as well as a small photo if possible that will illustrate your listing (it doesn't need to be your own photo). Note that you won't receive a confirmation email this time. IMPORTANT: fill out the form for each different plant variety offered.

Important: use a large font size to label your pots or bags on a big sheet of paper so that other gardeners can clearly see what you are offering.

List of plants

Your offers will not appear on the PlantCatching map as they normally do. A full list of the plants is availble on this page (green button at the top). Just click on the plant names to expand the cards and get the details.

During the event

Location: meet-up at La Maisonnette des Parents (inside or outside) on 6651 St-Laurent bld, Montreal.

Date/Time: Saturday May 26, 2019. Join us at 10am or a little sooner. The plant swap will start around 10:15am.

How it works

When you register, you will receive a nominative ticket, printed from the pre-registered plants. You will then be able to enter and relax, as well as put your plants on a table if you wish. At the bell, we will let you start the sharing and exchanges.

Act with the PlantCatching spirit: we are all here to give something and have a friendly get-together with other gardeners. Going back home with other plants is a bonus that may happen... or not.

At the end of the event, we will collect the tickets of all attendants. A draw will take place and the winners will receive some plants offered by major actors in horticulture and urban agriculture.


You know where to find me.

The list is empty. You can right now pre-register the plants that you will bring with you.

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