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Better informed about local events

Posted on June 18, 2013 • Comments:

This is the 3rd article about the upcoming changes on PlantCatching. This time, we will talk about the horticultural and urban agricultural events. As usual, let's see the existing feature:

Any PlantCatching member (it requires an account) can publish the events he is aware of (either he participates to them or not). They must not be related to a commercial activity. Once an event has been added, it appears in the middle of all other markers on the map. Therefore it can be tedious to track them when there are a lot of markers, and anyway you have to click on the blue tab to know if there are some of them in the search area or not.

What is important to you is to know at a glance if an interesting activity occurs at a reasonable distance from you. Here is the new tool that will help on this matter:

Events around

The list is sorted by date and displays in red those events that have been published less than 7 days ago so that you can clearly see what's new. The remaining days before an event and its distance are shown.

I remind you that Events is a young feature. You won't find a lot of them published on PlantCatching, although 130 have already been added so far. Your participation is necessary to make this informations space live. If you participate to conferences, meetups, workshops or you organize them, publish this information to those gardeners in your area that visit PlantCatching. Of course it includes the activities related to the implantation and the life of the Incredible Edible movements in your city.

Happy gardening to all!

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