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Partage végétal with PlantCatching, 2019 edition

Posted on April 30, 2019 • Comments:

This year we’re happy to announce a new PlantCatching’s second plant/seedling exchange, on May 26, at 10am. Like in 2015, our hosts are the Maisonnette des Parents located on Saint-Laurent blvd, a community organization that helps families in need.

At the time this article will be published, there are 26 days left before this grand event, where dozens of passionate gardeners will come together to trade seeds, seedlings, perennials, etc. These are 26 days to start listing the plants and seeds you expect to bring with you so that visitors can see what will be offered. So now is the best time to go through the following checklist:

  1. Even if you have already, it’s important to relay the information on your social networks, particularly this Facebook event. Make sure you copy/past the text in your profile. Talk about the event in your circles, invite other gardeners.
  2. If you don’t have a PlantCatching account yet, create one now and specify your address in your account. It’s necessary in order to register plants for the event.
  3. Identify the plants you would like to bring and register them on the site. You can do so until the eve of the event. At the top of the form, there is an icon to click on to indicate the plants are for the event.
  4. If you wish, create your profile on the site and print out a couple member cards. You will most likely have a chance to share them with other gardeners.

While waiting for the D day, I will also try to find professionals who would like to offer some plants during the event (distributed during a draw). If you are one of them and would like to participate, please contact me. Your name will be displayed on this web site and mentioned during the draw.

At the end of the plant sharing event, I will be available to discuss topics related to the PlantCatching site with anyone interested. It’s a great moment to bring your feedback and ideas.

Whether it’s sunny or raining, it will no doubt be an exceptional day. I hope to see you all in big numbers.

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