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PlantCatching 2 is online

Posted on March 2, 2015 • Comments:

After 3 years of existence and a very nice success, here is what can be called version 2 of this web site since there are so many new features and enhancements. It is also representative of a new direction and of a vision that has evolved since the launch in 2012. There is now more place for users, as well as for professionals who will gain a whole new visibility with them.

I already published 5 articles, which give you all the details about this update. That's why I will be brief by just giving you a checklist of what you should do in priority:

  1. For those who wish to have a user profile, it's time to find a name (it can be your real name or a nickname) and to book the last part of your personal URL (it must be unique throughout PlantCatching).

  2. Under your account, if not already done, set your location. Don't be afraid, your address is confidential. Even better, you can write a non precise address and move a marker to set your more or less exact position on a map. At the minimum, use "city, country". Add a street if you can (no need of the number if you worry about it) since it's easier for me to debug geolocation bugs and issues when they happen.

  3. Check your plants and other items requests. The five fields in the form have been merged into a single free text field. It may happen that your text has been truncated during the operation, or you may wish you write it differently.

  4. Those of you who have the PlantCatching widget with a map on their web site, please generate the widget HTML code again. A "zoom" field has been added to fix the initial scale of the map.

  5. A Pricing field has been added to the Bamboo events. The active events should be edited and saved again after filling this field.

You won't see any or a lot of Bamboo Notes at first. Professionnals will take the time to adopt this concept and then write their first Notes. However, you will see a few of mines.

At last I need to remind that any user is now able to support the PlantCatching project by making a donation or by purchasing a Bamboo Shoot account. If you like this platform, or simply if you think that it merits its place because sharing the biodiversity and solidarity are important, please think about supporting your platform during the season or even now. The future of this site depends on everyone. Thank you.

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