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PlantCatching 2.0, modern and beautiful, available soon

Posted on January 29, 2015 • Comments:

This article is the first of a short series of six that will introduce the new features planned for the platform this year to you. Don't worry, the PlantCatching you use and love, based on plant sharings, stays here. But you have been a lot last year to share your ideas and wishes for a brilliant future, and this is what motivated some new developments during this winter.

Let's start in a light way by speaking about visual changes. It may seem pointless but during the internet age, where people are used to modern and interactive web services, I had to update the appearance of the site in order to attract people, young in general, who like this modernity. Since the young generation is the one wishing to change the world for a better one, it is important to introduce PlantCatching to her and keep her.

Here are these few changes:

  • The main menu has been revamped to be more organized and clear. Since a picture is worth a thousand words:

    The new menu clearly shows the two main aspects of the platform, i.e. "Search" and "Share". The rest is acecssible in a dropdown menu. It is also thinner and saves real estate on the screen.

  • The map on the homepage uses a new lighter color palette. Again, here is a picture to show you how the markers on the new map are less drown in the background data. This is even more true when there is many markers..

  • All the forms now have a new appearance. Previously they seemed to be made by a rookie ;) but check how they look now:

  • As you can see on the previous screenshot, icons identifying what is given and the sharing mode have been redesigned as well. Although still done by myself, and I'm not a graphist, they shine a bit more, don't they? ;)

  • The listings are displayed in a panel sliding from the right. This is a window that you may already have seen since I was mentioning it in my last blog post about geolocation. Apart from a new presentation, this lets more space to show more data. I will write a full post on what will be added there.

  • The photo upload tool has been rewritten. Since it is now more intuitive and clear, I wouldn't be surprised to see more photos in the published listings. ;)

I hope that all these measures will contribute to even more pleasure for the visitor. You will see in my next articles that this is only the icing on the cake. Indeed, there are many new serious things that will appear with PlantCatching 2.0. Watch for my next post as I will show you some functional and very interesting changes.

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