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Don't forget to print the label (provided after submitting the form) and attach it to your Incredible Edible container. Visitors will be able to discover PlantCatching and to read the following comments:
In public mode, don't forget to print the label (provided after submitting the form) and to attach it to your plant or other item. Explain in the comments where to find it (street, bench, ...).
Public means that this is a kind of community, public or shared garden where the visitor can inform himself when visiting it at the address mentioned above.
In semi-private mode, don't forget to print the label (provided after submitting the form), to attach it to your offer and to explain in the comments where to find it on your property. If you prefer to be contacted before making your plant available, better select the private mode.
In private mode, select below if you prefer to be contacted by email or by phone (in this case, add your phone number).

Select Public if passerbys can see and possibly take the shared item from the street. Semi-private means that the item is on your property and that only members of the PlantCatching community who have read your instructions will be able to catch it. Select Private if you prefer that then members contact you before coming to get it (more details).

In private mode, you can also choose to accept requests to send your item by post. The recipient will pay all the shipping fees.

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