Events and activities

... the ones you are aware of, or those you organize

This page allows citizens and organizations to publish their events and activities, related to horticulture or urban agriculture. Or even better, you can do it on behalf of an organization that doesn't know PlantCatching and/or this feature yet. By doing so, you inform the web site visitors from your region of this event. Furthermore, if you can supply the email address of this organization, PlantCatching will automatically send the organizer a message notifying him that he can publicize his events himself.

There are two kind of events:

  • Citizen and/or community events whose entrance must be free for all and that include no sales, even optional (it's obvious than an option like a catering service does not count). For example, it could be a course about seedlings organized by a non-profit organization. Or you may want to announce a meetup of Incredible Edible members to build wood containers. A distribution of compost by the city is also very welcome.
  • Commercial events or those who include a sale, i.e. those that don't fit in the previous category (ex: paid conferences, courses, workshops, local markets). If you are the organizer of such an event, PlantCatching needs your support by switching to the bamboo account .

To publish an event, you must sign in first.

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Set the address as precise as possible. If it can't be understood, you will be able to manually place a marker on a map.
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One of the dates must be in the next 2 months.
You can use Markdown to style your content with basic formatting (bold, italic, images, links, lists). Once your title and content are set, just click below to preview the result the way it will be seen by visitors.
It is a citizen and/or community event whose admission must be free for all and that includes no sales, even optional (it's obvious than an option like a catering service does not count). If there is money involved, even slightly, then you must upgrade to a Bamboo account to be able to publish this event.
If the event is completely free, you can type the character '0' only so that your listing shows automatically the mention "free" or "gratuit" (in french) depending on the language of the page.
Contact details*
Contact name
If you are not the organizer of the event, make sure to write their email address in the contact details. With this information, PlantCatching will send them a message mentioning that one of their events has been published on the web site. Since they may not be aware of PlantCatching or its events feature, they will realize that they can now publish their events themselves.
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Markdown format

Markdown is a very simple syntax to style your text. Here is the list of elements you can use:

Paragraph title

Write the Sharp character (#), a space and your title.

e.g. # Fauna in the garden

Bold text

Surround bold text with 2 stars.

e.g. I like to work in the garden, **but even more enjoy it**.

Italic text

Surround italic text with 1 star.

e.g. Cigar Plant (*Cuphea ignea*)

Unordered list

You need a simple dash character and a space in front of each line.

- Spring
- Summer
- Fall

Ordered list

You need a simple digit, a dot and a space in front of each line.

1. Spring
2. Summer
3. Fall


The syntax is [title](link)/

e.g. [The PlantCatching web site](


Same syntax than links but with an exclamation point in front.

e.g. ![Plant sharing](