Support PlantCatching, become a Bamboo.

For professionals who want to increase their visibility and demonstrate their expertise.

For individuals who want to ensure a lasting future for PlantCatching.

PlantCatching is a citizen project for gardeners worldwide and it has been supported single-handedly since fall 2011. I develop it with passion and I hope it will become a key tool for gardeners to share and build a communal ressource of plants, events (in horticulture and urban agriculture), information between citizens and professionals, and so on.

I need you, regular users and professionnals in these domains, in order to make it a sustainable and reliable platform. And I fully intend to make it profitable for you too. That's why I created these different types of bamboo accounts.

- Nicolas Cadilhac -
You can also support PlantCatching without a Bambou account, by simply donating.

Bamboo Shoot

Any PlantCatching user can acquire a Bamboo Shoot account, if he wishes so, to show his commitment and to support this project that already includes several thousands of gardeners.


If you are a professional in horticulture or agriculture, you will find benefits in using PlantCatching to increase your visibility locally, while providing some useful information and valuable content to gardeners.

Giant Bamboo

Because of the nature of your events, services, books and other products, you may want to be discovered and followed more globally. PlantCatching can help you with a Giant Bamboo account to let you be visible internationnally.

Your support to PlantCatching

It is important to create strong communities where sharing the plants and food and creating social links between citizens through gardening are as strong. PlantCatching is working toward that goal but it needs your help to make sure the development, the promotional efforts, the maintenance, and so on, can continue. With this account, you ensure that PlantCatching is here to stay.

Listing alerts

As soon as an offer is published on the web site, in a radius you specify, you will receive an email alert. You can even filter by keywords. This is my way to thank you.

Enhanced search for sendings by post

Search by keywords anywhere in the world. It will give you huge opportunities to share seeds, cuttings and seedlings with thousands of gardeners. Additionally, you will be able to create two lists of plants: those you offer and those you need.

Realtime listings

On PlantCatching, there has always been a 15 min delay between the publication of a listing and its appearance on the map, so that a plant can be prepared or placed at the right spot for example. With this account, this delay is removed and you will see all offers in realtime.

Enhanced profile*

Your profile can be a bit longer than the ones of regular users (your plant requests as well). You will be able to choose an avatar to represent yourself, and there are more ways to contact you. This is ideal to represent an organization or simply some of your projects and actions.

Non-profit organizations and associations are upgraded to Bamboo

Upon verification of your status, you are eligible to become a full Bamboo (next column) and you will receive all its advantages.

Even more support to PlantCatching, even more benefits for you

Like for regular users, this account aims to support PlantCatching. But it is also a completely original way to link citizens and professionals in an harmonious way. Here are the benefits you will get from it:

Visibility for all your kinds of events

You can display on the map an infinite number of events in relation to your professional activities. They will be discovered by PlantCatching visitors locally.

A dedicated web page on PlantCatching

Your full profile appears on a permanent page and also shows all your next events. Regular profiles are displayed on the right sliding panel when checking listings of shared plants and other items.

Bamboo notes

You have the possibility to write (and you are encouraged to do so) some notes for all the visitors of the web site. These notes are not about you but about a subject you master for the interest of the reader. Since it is linked to your profile, this is a very good and smart way to showcase yourself not as an advertiser but as a skilled professionnal who supplies information and solutions to his customers, some of which is being shared here.

Your content can be written in several languages (those handled by the web site, i.e. french and english currently).

Non-profit organizations and associations are upgraded to Giant Bamboo

Are you an organization that is known internationnally, or you would like to be so? After checking your status, you are eligible to become a Giant Bamboo (next column) and you will receive all its advantages.

The best support you can offer, all the benefits for you

Like the two previous accounts, you support PlantCatching, but in the greatest way this time. You will get all the benefits mentioned on the left plus what follows.

A global visibility

Your profile, your events and your Bamboo notes are normally seen by PlantCatching visitors who are in your vicinity, i.e. in your geographical zone. With this account, all this content is potentially visible by any visitor, anywhere in the world, thanks to your Bamboo notes. This is a real advantage if you sell internationally or if you have a web site or internet content you would like to show to the world.

High-powered Bamboo Notes

You can add HTML content into your Notes. This allows you to share videos for instance, or to style your content with more options.

or several times, if you wish, for more effect
per year
per year
* This feature does not expire at the end of your annual subscription to the Bamboo Shoot account.