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Big fall cleaning

Posted on October 14, 2012

Did you notice, when searching, how some listings show "Added 4 months ago" or other extremely long periods? Are they really valid? Did the donor simply forget to remove it from the web site? That's why, as soon as next week, I will publish a PlantCatching build that adds a new automatic maintenance task. Every week, this task will send an email to each donor who has a listing older than two months. If this is your case, you will have to choose between updating it (by marking it "caught" or by removing it) and renewing it. If you do nothing, the listing will simply be archived seven days later.

A renewal is actually a new donation where all fields on the form have been prepopulated from the previous listing. You can make some changes if needed or right away publish it, again. Having a "long duration" listing can be totally valid, for example for plants that are produced all year along. If you have some mint, you know what I mean. A donation in semi-private mode where people come grab the mint at a given place is perfect.

I take this opportunity to also update the search page (homepage). Maybe you won't notice it, but the results will be displayed faster than before once received from the server. Except for bugs corrections, I won't publish new updates until next year...