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PlantCatching's blog migrates and improves

Posted on January 14, 2013 • Comments:

So far, there was 2 news feeds (if you rule Facebook out): the blog hosted on tumblr (not available anymore) and, since last September, the "What's new" page, here on PlantCatching. The situation was therefore far from ideal, especially on tumblr. I never truly became a fan of this platform. First, the appearance was different from the style used here, the management was uneasy and I had to deal with posts in french and in english appearing in the same feed. That's why I decided to gather these 2 information sources and this finally fixes all mentioned issues.

There is now a single page to read the latest developements of PlantCatching as well as more general news. Additionally, I have integrated the Disqus commenting system to let you add your voice to my posts. This is not retroactive, which means you won't be able to comment messages posted before today (and past comments on tumblr won't be migrated here). I also added an RSS feed so that you can discover these news in your preferred reader like Google Reader or Flipboard.

Note that I still have to develop some pagination mechanic. I opt for some "infinite scrolling" where new posts automatically appear when you reach the bottom of the page. I will see that in a few days. I will also maybe migrate some posts from the old blog.

I hope that you will come in numbers to get your dose of PlantCatching news and that you will participate by commenting. See you soon then for other stories.

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