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PlantCatching in France and Belgium

Posted on January 27, 2013 • Comments:

French and belgian friends, I feel a duty to welcome you on PlantCatching and emphasize it today. Why now and not previously? Well, because PlantCatching was used only marginally in your countries so far. Being a service created in Montréal/Canada, it is normal that it began its expansion in this part of the world. But it could change, and quickly.

Yesterday evening, the "Semons des graines, créons l'abondance" facebook page published a message about PlantCatching. I take this opportunity to thank the poster. This page has more than 3000 friends. From there, it seems like it snowballed to many other facebook users. Ok, I know I must be careful of trafic spikes that in fact disappear as fast as they appeared, but I receive many enthusiatic emails, some of them asking me to create a link with the "Incredible Edible" movement.

So, I dare to wish. PlantCatching in France/Belgium is maybe for now. To support this new interest from overseas, I invite you to share all the posts about PlantCatching that you see on Facebook, or use the social buttons I added on this site. This is by reaching a maximum number of gardeners that the momemtum will be able to last. And don't be disappointed not to see some results when you search the PlantCatching map in your region. This is you, the gardeners, who have to seed PlantCatching in your area as a natural tool that everyone will use to share plants, materials and crops.

Don't forget that you can reach me on the Contact page to send your comments and ideas (they are the food for the new features added in the future). This is not a company that is backing up this site and that will answer only in 2 weeks. This is only my, a gardening citizen.

Thanks everybody!

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