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Montreal seed fest... PlantCatching ready!

Posted on January 17, 2013 • Comments:

In a few days only, on Feb 9 and 10, this is the seed fest in Montreal (botanical garden). I was attending this event last year, not to buy rare seeds, but to present PlantCatching. I don't know if I will be able to do the same during this edition but one thing is sure. This means that the excitment among you, vegetable gardeners, begins to build. You already think to your seedlings, the new materials you will buy, the experiments you will do this year... Traffic on the PlantCatching web site was on a descending slope during November and December but I can already feel the change and the slope is inverting.

This is the time to share again. Check your seed stocks. What surplus do you have? What variery won't you plant this year? Do you need this container? What do you need from others? You can already record what you want to give. I also remind you that, if you created an account, you can indicate up to 5 requests so that people know what to offer in your area.

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