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The "Seed your city" event

Posted on September 21, 2012

Do you like PlantCatching and wish to seed this wonderful idea in new gardeners’ minds to increase offer and demand? To that end, we invite you to participate to this unique worldwide event by giving some divided perennials, seeds, herbs, surplus produce, gardening materials and so on, directly in the street during the october 6-7 week-end (or the next nice day if raining) wherever you are.

Here is how to proceed:

  • Prepare as many donations as possible. Even small things, like some mint leaves, will fit the bill.

  • Rendez-vous on the web site and create your user account if not already done.

  • Fill the donation form for each item you are giving (the donation mode must be public and you will pay attention to the address where you release it, which should be on a busy street. Also give some nice details in the comments + add the availability time).

  • For each item, print the label and attach it. It’s a good idea to add a PlantCatching flyer (pdf file on the web site, page “Seed your city”).

  • Now, release your plant donations at the planned locations, in an inviting way. Remember to respect places and people.

If you have nothing left to offer, why not print some PlantCatching flyers, paste them on cardboard and seed them (with small sticks for example) along streets, in municipal flower beds or gardens. Be imaginative.