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There is no plant donations or Incredible Edible containers in this area. Since PlantCatching is new, this is probably because not many gardeners know about it. You can help by spreading the word and this page can help you too.

Of course, you can also be the first to act in your area. Why not give a perennial that has to be divided or a seed packet, or promote an Incredible Edible container?


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As a gardening citizen, you can add the events that occur in your area (yours and those from organizations). By doing so, you not only share plants but also the informations that every gardener needs. Note that you need an account to do so.

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Consider sharing too: let's build an incredible plant and food resource!
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And a random testimonial:
En tant que coordonnatrice du mouvement des Incroyables Comestibles dans l'arrondissement Plateau Mont-Royal, le site de Plantcatching m'a été fort utile. En effet, j'ai pu, grâce à la plateforme, faire adopter mes bacs de bout de ruelle par des citoyens engagés, qui ont pu, par la suite, planter leurs bacs avec des comestibles à partager dans le cadre du mouvement. Merci encore!
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